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Feed tech Service is a complete service to support feed manufacturers

To support customers facing the challenges of today’s production processes, dedicated Phileo R&D teams together with a network of industry experts led to the creation of Feed tech Service. Feed tech Service gives customers a clear view of the multifactorial resistance of Actisaf® yeast probiotic in the feed under their given pelleting conditions.


Meta data analysis of more than 2000 feed analyses done on an annual basis are the backbone of a newly developed numerical platform. This digital platform gathers the already existing Phileo expertise in feed technology, with the target to share it with the customers and help them develop their activity.

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A global presence to better serve our customers.

With more than 150 employees and 16 production plants across the five continents, we are close to our markets and are therefore able to offer high quality technical support tailored to our customers.

And, because we control all our manufacturing processes, we are able to supply high quality solutions and services.