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The Pet Industry has become a valuable provider of foods and treats to our furry friends around the world. Households have internalized them as family members, and invest a considerable amount of time making certain their nutrition is of highest quality and their health the best possible. Phileo by Lesaffre fully embraces the 3-way connection between nutrition & health, pet friends and their human parents. We capitalize on using our Food-Grade Facilities and World Class Research Centers worldwide, for delivering customer designed solutions to support the well-being of pets.


A growing demand in petfood diets

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To answer the growing demand for premium diets which deliver digestive health benefits, Phileo by Lesaffre is applying its expertise by offering yeast and bacteria-based solutions to the pet food industry. Yeast probiotics and active fractions from primary culture (selected and developed for animal care) have many proven benefits related to food acceptance, skin and coat condition, digestion and gut health, as well as immunity. These benefits cover many pet food market segments i.e. lifestages (junior, senior) or digestive disorders, weight management etc.

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Reduction of pathogen pressure

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The gut is the main means of entry for pathogens coming from the environment. Selected parietal fractions, rich in yeast mannans, can bind pathogens in the gut, preventing them from adhering to intestinal cells and from triggering disease. Our solution enhances the welfare of pets, by securing good and healthy gut function.

Stimulation of local gut immunity

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An immune challenge is one of the main problems faced by pets. The immune system is a complex defence mechanism which protects animals from environmental stress, pathogens, infection, etc. 70% of the immune system is located in the gut.


Here again, selected parietal fractions from yeasts which are rich in betaglucans, can protect pets by stimulating the production of IgA in the gut as an additional means of countering pathogens.
Mannans and β-glucans (1.3 and 1.6) in Safmannan® yeast fractions are associated with a significant increase in IgA secretion.

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Managing digestive health

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Digestive health is critical for puppy growth and adult well-being. Probiotic solutions help animals maintain a good gut flora and support the digestion processes, especially in sensitive dogs facing dietary changes. Hence, there is a correlation between puppy growth and digestive balance. Probiotics can help boost puppy growth through better digestive processes.


Mannans and ß-glucans, which are present in selected yeast fractions, can help maintain local gut immune protection whenever dogs are facing abrupt dietary transition.

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