Nucleosaf® premium yeast extract rich in free nucleotides


Nucleosaf®, a premium yeast extract rich in free nucleotides, can support animals’ rapid growth and enhance gut development, alongside contributing to the improvement of zootechnical performance and feed efficiency. Free nucleotides are known to have a significant effect on tissues with high renewal rates, such as the intestinal tract. During rapid growth in the first days of an animal’s life, or during a challenging period, such as weaning, supplementing diets with Nucleosaf® helps to enhance the formation, or recovery, of intestinal tissues, improve mucosal barrier functions and increase the absorptive area in the gut. Improved gut development in an animal’s early stages will result in increased growth and feed efficiency.

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Nucleosaf® enhances gut development in young animals

During the first few days of its life, an animal’s need for free nucleotides is increased due to the development of the gut and its own rapid growth. Supplementing the diets of young animals with Nucleosaf® shows beneficial effects on the increase of intestinal villi height and goblet cell numbers, as well as the improvement of the villi height to crypt depth ratio. Thus, Nucleosaf® helps to increase the absorptive area and mucus layer, enhancing gut maturation and feed efficiency, and giving the animal a better start.

Nucleosaf® supports animal growth during stressful events

Stressful events, such as weaning for piglets or pond stocking for aquatic animals, have negative impacts on gut health, the immune system, feed intake and growth. The need for free nucleotides becomes especially important during these periods and during gut injury. Supplementing animal diets with Nucleosaf® can help to improve the formation of intestinal tissues and the function of the mucosal barrier, enhancing feed intake and growth.

Nucleosaf®source of free nucleotides to support gut development and growth in animals

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Nucleosaf® is a premium yeast extract with a consistent level of free nucleotides, obtained by the autolysis of the proprietary Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strain. Purification steps guarantee good product stability while also maintaining highly desirable nutrients.

Mode of action of Nucleosaf® premium yeast extract rich in free nucleotides

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By providing the key element, free nucleotides, to tissues which have a high renewal rate, Nucleosaf®, can help animals achieve optimum gut development during their rapid growth period.


Nucleosaf® supports an animal’s feed intake, disease resistance and growth during stressful periods, when the need for free nucleotides increases, such as weaning and pond stocking.

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  • 25kg multiwalled paper bag with polyethylene liner




  • Nucleosaf® 600 offers high stability with a long shelf life of 2 years




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