Program Neonate


Program Neonate is designed to maximise the potential of sows, and the potential of piglets at weaning.


It is a complete and flexible program composed of three stages: maximising embryo viability, enhancing foetal development, and improving piglet growth.

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Early gestation: maximising embryo viability

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Birth weight and homogeneity of the following litter are determined by the quality of the maternal environment as early as pre-implantation. Ovulation and embryonic development are facilitated by the availability of these micronutrients, including selenium.


A study was conducted to determine the effect of selenium on sow reproductive performance depending on the source of selenium: sodium selenite or selenium yeast, Selsaf®, (i.e. organic selenium). Digestibility of selenium yeast is considered to be between 80% and 100% absorbed (with an amount of digestible organic selenium of around 50%). The study shows a positive trend on the litter size. Selsaf® enhances the vitality and homogeneity of the embryos, contributing to better prolificacy.

End of gestation: enhancing foetal development

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A trial conducted over two consecutive reproduction cycles showed that adding Actisaf® in the feed of gestating sows over that period increases foetal growth and litter birth weight over two successive cycles.


Early-life mortality is multifactorial but insufficient consumption is considered as the main reason. One of the risk factors is low foetal development, leading to reduced viability of neonates. A field study (European registration trial, France) measured the efficacy of Actisaf® on the performance of sows and their progeny. This study showed that adding Actisaf® (0.5 kg/t) to the sow feed during gestation and lactation resulted in a reduction in the mortality rate at 48 hours after farrowing.

Lactation: improving piglet growth up to weaning

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A trial has shown the beneficial effects on foetal growth of the supplementation of Actisaf® during the end of gestation, leading to better growth from birth to weaning. The addition of Actisaf® in the feed of sows significantly improved milk composition (protein, fat and dry matter). By modulating nutritional milk properties, Actisaf® helps enhance suckling piglet growth over the suckling period. Better milk nutritional composition and a higher total dry matter content induces a better weight at weaning. Thus, the addition of Actisaf® in the feed of sows improves the performance of suckling piglets and puts the weaned piglets in a more favourable position to achieve their future growth.

program neonate

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