Prosaf® purified soluble yeast extract for sustainable animal performance


By 2025, we will need an extra 60 million tonnes of animal protein to feed the world. Current sources will not be enough. The present trend is therefore to reduce the level of less sustainable sources of animal protein, such as fishmeal or plasma, and reformulate diets by modifying formulas to maintain a balance between palatability and digestibility, richness in nutrients, and price.


Prosaf® is a highly purified and functional yeast extract with a high protein content (› 63%) mainly consisting of highly digestible essential amino-acids and low molecular size peptides. It is rich in glutamic acids, nucleic acids, and B-complex vitamins.


Adding Prosaf® to animal feeds has been seen to improve palatability and protein digestibility, resulting in better feed efficiency and growth performance.

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Prosaf® benefits for the animals

1. Prosaf® increases feed intake with its high level of glutamic acid and free amino acids that make it highly appetising for animals

2. Prosaf® helps to increase the growth and daily gain of animals, optimising feed efficiency

3. Prosaf® participates in the development of microbiota diversity, resulting in improved gut health.

4. Prosaf® helps maintain immune status in challenging environments

5. Prosaf® is a natural and sustainable alternative to conventional protein sources 

Prosaf® increases sustainability in aquaculture

1. Being a highly palatable digestible source of proteins, essential amino acids and energy, Prosaf® can lead the success of diet reformulation with less fish meal

2. Prosaf® brings feed attractiveness and increases shrimp feed intake. It improves growth performance of shrimps

3. Prosaf® enhances feed digestibility and shrimp immune status

4. Prosaf® is a feasible tool to increase sustainability in shrimp nutrition

Prosaf® increases sustainability in swine

1. Prosaf® improves feed palatability and increases piglet feed intake

2. Prosaf® supports piglet intestinal development

3. Prosaf® enhances piglet growth performance and immune response

Prosaf® a highly digestible and sustainable source of essential amino acids and functional components

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Prosaf® is a premium yeast extract obtained from the primary culture of a proprietary Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strain. The yeast cells are autolysed before centrifugation to separate the yeast extract from the yeast cell wall. The strain selection and standardisation process guarantees high quality and batch-to-batch consistency. Prosaf® contains only small functional active components, with more than 88% of peptides below 3.6 kDa and 38% below 1 kDa, which makes them highly digestible.

Mode of action of Prosaf® purified soluble yeast extract for sustainable animal performance

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Prosaf® is a source of essential amino acids, such as lysine, that can complete the plant protein profile in low-fishmeal diets, with a high content of digestible amino acids compared with soybean meal. Prosaf® also contains a high level of glutamic acid, an amino acid known to be highly appetising.

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Prosaf animal nutrition

Responding to the needs of our customers



  • 20kg multiwalled paper bag with a polyethylene liner



  • Prosaf® offers a shelf life of 2 years



  • Keep in a dry and cool place for optimum preservation



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