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Supplementing diets with probiotics and active ingredients, derived from fermentation, enhances the healthy rumen function of dairy cows by supporting their microbiome to achieve increased productivity and longevity, while also improving animal welfare. Our solutions and programmes boost milk production and quality throughout the lactation cycle by prompting a better utilisation of nutrients. As a result, we help to ensure dairy farms are profitable and sustainable.

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Addressing rumen disorders to improve milk production

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Rumen disorders are frequent and costly. They  have multiple origins and severe consequences, especially in early lactation. Ruminal acidosis is the sector’s major rumen disorder, causing significant losses in milk production and possibly leading to increased cow deaths.


The most common type of ruminal acidosis is the subacute acidosis, SARA, responsible for poor feed conversion rates, lower milk yields, milk fat suppressions and economic losses. While it is a difficult condition to diagnose in the field, a decrease in milk fat can often be an indicator of SARA.


Supporting good rumen health and preventing ruminal acidosis is a critical part of dairy herd management on successful and profitable farms.

Reducing metabolic disorder for better productivity and sustainability on dairy farms

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High producing dairy cows are constantly exposed to metabolic, environmental, and nutritional challenges induced by calving, high production, diet changes, and global warming. Producing large quantities of milk requires cows to absorb a high energy intake. However, during periods of stress, such as calving, heat stress, and a disease challenge, cows suffer depressed feed intake capacity and are unable to meet their energy requirements. They experience a negative energy balance leading to metabolic disorders, known as ketosis.


Paying special attention to critical periods, such as transition and heat stress, is essential to achieve optimal productivity, fertility, and longevity in dairy cows.

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Dairy Phileo

Improving rumen fibre degradation for better milk production and quality

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Milk yields per cow are constantly increasing, having doubled in the past 40 years due to improvements in genetics, management and feeding strategies. There is also a constant increase in feed costs, requiring the dairy sector to implement innovative nutritional and health strategies to further improve feed conversion rates.


This is possible through proper rumen health management, focusing on creating a better rumen microbiome balance by supplementing diets with the yeast probiotic Actisaf® Sc 47. Improving rumen fibre degradation can not only provide more energy for milk production, but also deliver important VFA to improve milk fat synthesis in the mammary gland.

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