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Beef production is split into two main areas: breeding and fattening. There can be a substantial distance between the two kinds of farms and weaned calves may sometimes need to be transported for thousands of miles. This transportation, and the subsequent receiving period, is critical to the success, or failure, of fattening and herd profitability. Animals are highly stressed during transport and they are regrouped into new social groups, handled, vaccinated and dewormed on arrival, causing additional stress.


Good health and growth, as well as optimal FCR, are key to profitability during the fattening stage.

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Reducing pathogen pressure and improving immunity

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Actisaf® and Safmannan® supplementation during the receiving/conditioning period can mitigate the detrimental effect of stress. In a published study, receiving calves were challenged by intravenous administration of E. coli lipopolysaccharide (LPS). Rectal temperature and cortisol levels were lower in calves in the supplemented group than in the Control group. Feed intake was higher in the supplemented animals throughout the receiving period.

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Limiting BRD for better production and profit

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Improving immune status


Actisaf®, Safmannan® and Selsaf® have synergistic effects in disease prevention. Safmannan® helps improve general health, reducing excessive responses to subsequent immune challenge. The antioxidant activity of Selsaf® minimizes the effect of immune over-stimulation. This improves the antibody response to BHV, for example, as demonstrated in this trial.

Improving digestibility and growth

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Less stress, better health and a more favorable rumen environment help improve digestion and overall performance during the receiving period and the entire fattening period. The efficacy of the supplementation used in this trial is demonstrated by the lower levels of acid detergent fibre (ADF), neutral detergent fibre (NDF) and starch detected in the feces, which suggests better assimilation in the gastrointestinal tract.

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Improving carcass weight and quality: enhancing growth and shorten fattening duration

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This trial demonstrates that animals supplemented with Actisaf® during the fattening period are heavier and score better on the EUROP scale, which reflects better carcass conformation.

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