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Genetics, nutrition, and health have never been the focus of such fast-paced transformation as they are today. Our swine experts are actively searching for opportunities to develop natural and innovative solutions to enhance animal health and performance, contributing to the speed of change across the industry. By promoting the growth of healthier microbiota and the development of a stronger immune system, our solutions have a positive effect on animal performance and well-being, enabling the reduction of antibiotics or ZnO in animal feed.


Sustainable nutrition and the modern pig industry

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One of the major achievements in pig production in recent years has been the improvement in sow productivity. This has also brought challenges, however, with some of the highest producing countries now facing increasing levels of pre-weaning mortality rates due to increased litter sizes and a higher percentage of small piglets at birth. As a result, nutrition considerations have become more complex than in the past, needing not only to take account of performance factors, but also how they impact on animal welfare, the environment, health, product quality, and overall industry sustainability. Phileo’s scientifically proven solutions function by promoting better gut health and immune responses, resulting in reduced on-farm mortalities and contributing directly to a more sustainable and profitable industry.


Post-antibiotic transition to meet consumer demand

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Concerns over antimicrobial resistance and its association with public health has therefore become a key global driver for the restriction of antibiotic use. Phileo by Lesaffre, as part of its commitment to helping reduce antibiotic resistance, has developed scientifically proven solutions based on yeast probiotics/purified yeast fractions which benefit gut health by reducing pathogen pressures and stimulating the immune system in pigs. This is enabling the use of antibiotics in relation to swine nutrition to be reduced.

Pathogen control to improve gut health and reduce the use of ZnO

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Diarrhoea at post weaning is a big challenge for piglets, potentially causing high mortalities. Recently, the use of ZnO has been subjected to discussions, in Europe and beyond, concerning its environmental impact on soil and water and possible links to the development of antimicrobial resistance.

With the use of ZnO being restricted, the industry needs to find other effective ways to control pathogens, such as E. coli, and microbiota modulation in young pigs, while also increasing the digestible protein in piglet feeds and improving fibre digestibility.


Prosaf® in post-weaning piglet diets

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Prosaf®, a purified yeast extract which is rich in essential amino acids and glutamic acids, is a highly digestible and palatable protein source for pigs. Prosaf® is an innovative, cost-effective tool for pig producers to use in post weaning piglet diets, leading to increased feed intake, better gut health, and improved piglet performance.

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