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The main identified need for customers in the dairy industry is to optimize feed efficiency to ensure good zootechnical performances with a tolerable impact on feed cost. When using a probiotic, they need to verify its efficiency, and support their own customers.


Digescan service helps to measure feed efficiency in Dairy farm. It provides to Phileo customers a support to daily manage the herd’s health, and the best recommendations to improve it. Digescan brings a full service through three complementary elements: the sieving kit, the management App’ and the Phileo expertise.

The sieving kit for a quick evaluation of feed digestibility directly on farm

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The sieving kit allows an easy and quick evaluation of Actisaf efficiency on feed digestibility.


By simply sieve cow dung with the tool, Digescan users can measure feed efficiency of dairy herds directly on farm. In a few minutes they assess the cow herd’s digestive health.


Check our video to know more on how to use the sieving kit, and don’t forget to look at our advises on the best practices!

The phone management App’ for an optimal farm follow-up

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The management App’ allows Digescan users to record their sieving kit results.


Digescan App’ displays a sieve history in each farm created by the users. With a simple click, they overview their farm’s situation and can easily proceed to their follow-up.


They have access to Phileo recommendations and can interact with their Phileo representative to get personalized advices.

The Phileo expertise for adapted and personalized advices

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The Phileo expertise is built over 12 years of experience on using Digescan tool on the field in several countries around the world.


Digescan service enables Digescan users and Phileo teams to be closer and share their observations.


Our Phileo teams interpret and provide recommendations to Digescan users on how to get the most of Actisaf.

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