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In their search for profitability and sustainability, poultry producers are looking for food safety improvements, antibiotic use reduction, immune training and long-lasting vaccine coverage. These are the key parameters which the entire poultry production chain is working on.


Importance of optimal and long-lasting vaccine coverage

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Vaccine response in pullets gives higher and more uniform antibody titers. The level and uniformity of antibody titers in breeders can directly impact early stage chick quality and mortality rates.


To achieve an optimal and long-lasting vaccine coverage, it’s important to prepare the birds’ immune system before vaccination, improving the sustained vaccine response. A yeast beta-glucan product,composed of premium purified yeast Betaglucans (1.3 and 1.6), is known to prepare the immune system for a better vaccine response, which is the principle of immune training. To complete this process, Safmannan®, a premium yeast fraction, has been shown to make the vaccine response last longer in breeders and layers.

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Prevention : the key to reducing antibiotics

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The emergence of antimicrobial resistance is due to the widespread use of antibiotics in animal production. At least 700,000 people die each year from drug-resistant diseases. As such, the authorities have decided to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal production. Prevention is the key word for the future of animal production, with good farm management, high levels of biosecurity and high feed quality being required to prevent physiological disorders in birds.


To stop depending on antibiotics, birds need to be more resilient. Phileo has developed a post-antibiotic programme involving premium yeast-based solutions, such as Safglucan®, Safmannan® and Selsaf®. This programme enhances breeders and layers natural defences, reduces pathogen pressures, improves gut health and prevents oxidative stress.

Reducing the risk of salmonella contamination to achieve better food safety

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Salmonella contamination is a global issue in poultry production. A farm is a complex environment and to successfully reduce Salmonella it is critical to attack all stages of production; breeders, hatchery, biosecurity, water quality, farm management, feed mill management, feed additives and more.


Safmannan®, rich in mannan and Betaglucans (1.3 and 1.6), has been proven to effectively reduce Salmonella pressure in the gut of breeders and layers. This reduces the risk of contamination of both breeders’ offspring and layers’ eggs.

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