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In the past few years, feed manufacturers have faced increasing constraints, mainly in terms of safety, accuracy and environmental sustainability, while constantly seeking cost optimisation. To support customers facing the challenges of today’s production processes working with a network of industry experts, we created Feed tech Service.


The aim of Feed tech Service is to guide our customers throughout the entire production and pelleting process and its influence on the various raw materials used.

Actisaf® HR+ withstands the 4 major stress factors of the pelleting process

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From mixing to pelleting, including conditioning, yeast probiotics have to resist various stress factors throughout this challenging process; in particular, mixing with other additives, such as, acids, encountering humidity from both the mash feed and the steam of the conditioner, and withstanding heat from the steam and heat generated by the compression-friction of the press. The multifactorial resistance provided by Actisaf® yeast probiotic withstands these stress factors.

Sharing our expertise based on the collection of feed samples around the world

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As each feed mill process is unique, Phileo has accumulated extensive feed technology expertise over the years, building a large database and extensive matrices. Meta data analysis of more than 2000 feed samples, done annually, forms the backbone of our newly developed service. This has involved considering different global constraints, focusing on new indicators which address real pelleting issues, and taking account of the interactions between process parameters.

An initial visit allows us to establish a first joint diagnosis. Next, we will complete a detailed questionnaire on your pelleting process to enable our R&D department to better understand your constraints. In cases where a sample analysis is deemed to be useful, the exact conditions of the sampling will be recorded in a new questionnaire, with feed samples sent to Phileo for microbiological analysis.

Actisaf® Sc 47 HR+ new generation: the yeast probiotic with record resistance in pelleted feed

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Actisaf® Sc 47 HR+ is a concentrate of live yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae Sc 47, processed in a microspherule form (Lesaffre proprietary strain: NCYC Sc47 / CNCM I-4407). This unique patented Actisaf® Sc 47 microspherule has been developed to deliver intrinsic resistance in pelleted feed, without the need for foreign material coating. New generation Actisaf® Sc 47 HR+ yeast probiotic is an upgrade of the original solution, resulting from an advanced process development and delivering unrivalled resistance in pelleted feed. Its characteristics are reflected in the product’s slogan “Born to stay alive”.

What has prompted this dual innovation of a new generation of solution and added value service?

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We have always been close to customers, trying to help them overcome new and emerging challenges. Over the past ten years, our knowledge has increased, now enabling us to give customers a clearer view of the resistance of probiotics to the multifactorial challenges which occur in feed during pelleting. By launching this added value service, we wish to adress client’s unique processes and constraints, and provide a customised service to each and everyone.

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