Selsaf®3000 organic selenium-enriched yeast for oxidative stress management


Modern farming practices, characterized by high socking densities, highly productive genetics, early weaning and uncontrolled high or low temperatures, impose a cumulative stress on the animal. The resulting high concentrations of oxidative stressors in animal cells can compromise the immune and reproductive systems, and also reduce muscle, milk and eggs production, with significant economic effects.

Adding Selsaf® to animal feeds has been seen to improve the overall health status of the animal by stimulating antioxidant defences. This improves not only immune and reproductive functions, but also animal performance and the quality of animal products.

Selenium from organic sources is assimilated into the animal proteins found in muscle, milk and eggs more easily.
This assimilated selenium can then function as a reserve for the animal during situations of extreme stress or for transfer to their offspring, or even humans.

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Selsaf® benefits for the animals

1. Selsaf® improves the natural resistance to oxidative stress
Selsaf® helps the body against oxidative stress which is detrimental to animal performance, both in the short term thanks to the selenocysteine and in the long-term due to the selenomethionine

2. Selsaf® boosts natural defences
Selenocysteine and selenomethionine present in Selsaf® benefit from an active transport through the intestinal wall, which allows a maximum assimilation by the animal boosting immunity and improving overall health.

Selsaf® benefits for

1. Selsaf® supports animal health resulting in better embryo viability and survival rate, more selenium transfer to offspring, and less morbidity

2. Selsaf® increases animal performance showed for instance in higher feed efficiency, higher growth performance and laying intensity.

Selsaf® benefits for consumers

1. Selsaf® increases consumer satisfaction by producing food with a higher nutritional value thanks to selenium enriched meat, milk and eggs, and more food pleasure: less drip loss, increased juiciness and tenderness of meat.

2. Selsaf® increases food quality and shelf life In reducing the oxidation, and therefore the rancidity of animal-derived end-products.

Selsaf® is the solution with dual composition

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Natural source of organic selenium for all species of animals, Selsaf®3000 is produced from a specific yeast strain CNCM I-3399, and through a mastered manufacturing process which allowed Phileo to increase the selenium concentration to 3000 ppm.


A major characteristic of Selsaf® 3000 is its consistent composition in two active seleno-compounds: selenocysteine and selenomethionine. Its standardized production process and quality certifications guarantee a high concentration of organic selenium and a consistent active seleno-compound profile, with 2/3 selenomethionine and 1/3 selenocysteine and other active seleno-compounds.


Thanks to its excellent bioavailability, Selsaf®3000 allows better selenium assimilation via an active transport in the intestine and increases selenium levels in the blood compared to other mineral and organic selenium sources.

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Mode of action of Selsaf® 3000 selenized yeast for oxidative stress management

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Selsaf® ensures a dual short and long term protection thanks to its 2 active seleno-components.


Seleno-cysteine is essential for Glutathion peroxidase activity, a major anti-oxydant selono-enzyme involved in the protection of the body cells against free radicals.


Seleno-methionine is directly incorporated as a substitute of methionine during the synthesis of the protein to build up a reservoir/storage of Selenium, that can be released during episods of stress.

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Selsaf 3000

Responding to the needs of our customers



  • 25 kg polyethylene bag, packed in corrugated cardboard box
  • Big bag 700 kg (available in the USA only)
  • Big bag 1000 kg



  • Selsaf® 3000 offers a high stability with its long shelf life of 3 years


EU registration

  • EU registration number: EC 3b8.12
  • Category: Nutritional additive – Compounds of trace elements



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