Broilers under heat stress increase heat exchange between their body and their environment by diverting blood and nutrient flow away

One consequence that can significantly impact poultry production and profitability is feed efficiency.

Favorable nutrient profile, potential health benefits, & low environmental impact, YMW is one of the most reared insect species.

Safmannan is a biological approach to address physiological changes induced by heat stress in broilers, resulting in healthier birds

A new legislation to ban the prophylactic use of antibiotics in animal production was brought into effect on 28th

Broiler lineages currently used in the poultry industry result from a continuous selection for improved efficiency to convert feed into

After years of research and development with universities and key industry partners, Phileo launches Actisaf® Sc 50 PET.

Do pig producers in different parts of Europe anticipate the same to the upcoming ban of high zinc oxide (ZnO)

The Program Aquasaf Tilapia was conceived to maximize productivity, profitability and sustainability of tilapia farming using Phileo’s functional yeast probiotics

To work towards a future free from high levels of ZnO, novel nutritional approaches are necessary

Recognise the ‘heat’ alarm bells, anticipate the arrival of heat stress

Heat stress: Underlying mechanism and mitigation of harmful effects