Maintaining a healthy poultry gut and immune system is an essential but controllable factor which can directly influence efficient feed

A study with weaned piglets was conducted to measure the digestible, metabolic, and net energy and the ileal standardized digestibility

The use of hyperprolific sow lines is creating new challenges, such as the need to manage small piglets that are

Effect of supplementation with a live yeast on the zootechnical performance of fattening pigs

When his farming contract agreement began, Shropshire farmer Jon Barber made achieving milk production from home grown forage without compromising

Determining the effects of a yeast supplement on immune and metabolic response to a combined viral-bacterial respiratory disease challenge

Feeding the world’s population during this challenging period will require to improve feed efficiency and fiber degradation to benefit global

Commingled sale-barn calves are often at highrisk of experiencing respiratory disease after transport and during the first month of the

The impact of heat stress on pigs is wide-ranging and costly, often causing serious growth and reproductive problems while also