Procreatin 7, proprietary Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast probiotic


Procreatin 7 is a pure strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae selected for its outstanding performance in animal feed. This product provides a high number of yeast cells for flour food. This strain is carefully cultivated to achieve maximum uniformity and consistency.


Procreatin 7 is an all-natural yeast probiotic that is approved for organic dairy production. Procreatin 7 helps your cows get more energy from each pound of feed eaten. Using Procreatin 7 as part of a balanced diet for dairy cattle is an economical way to improve milk efficiency, and profits in today’s farming environment in which sustainability is highly prized.

Optimizing digestion in dairy cattle

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Procreatin 7 has a 22-year history of helping to optimize digestion in dairy cattle. Adding Procreatin 7 to the diet of dairy cattle helps control acidosis, boosts fiber digestion on high starch diets and increases milk fat yield. Procreatin 7 works differently than a rumen buffer to stabilize the rumen. As a yeast probiotic, it lowers the redox potential in the rumen. A lowered redox potential in the rumen stimulates the conversion of lactic acid to propionic acid. This conversion of lactic acid to propionic acid will increase rumen pH. A higher rumen pH means better fiber digestion, and better protein and starch digestion. This results in a healthy rumen, and a healthy cow.

Procreatin 7

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Procreatin 7 is dried using special patented proprietary processes that maintain a high cell count. Each batch produced is analysed to ensure compliance with microbiological, physical, chemical standards, and fulfil the minimum guarantee of 1.5 x 1010 CFU per gram of product.Procreatin 7 stabilizes the rumen, increases rumen pH and boosts milk component yields.


Procreatin 7 is stable in mineral premixes for 60 days. It is not designed to be used in pelleted minerals or supplements. It will survive in mash type feeds and in TMR.

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Procreatin 7



  • 10 kg and 25 kg multilayer laminated vacuum bag in corrugated cardboard box.


Shelf life

This product has a shelf life of two year if stored in a cool, dry place in its original packaging.



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