Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+ new generation yeast probiotic adapted to TMR feeding


Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+ is a highly concentrated micro granule form of proprietary Saccharomyces cerevisiae live yeast strain developed to be incorporated in all ruminant non-pelleted premixes and concentrates in TMR based diets.


Thanks to the Boost Technology™ , Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+ is highly resistant in the TMR which contains organic acids and other acidifiers that can be detrimental to regular instant live yeast products.


Adding Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+ to TMR diets has exceptional power to boost the fiber digestion of forages for improved feed efficiency leading to increased milk production and milk de-novo fatty acids synthesis, which contributes to true milk fat and protein content.
Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+ is an innovative yeast probiotic specifically designed for ruminants to boost the rumen fiber degradation to higher limits and resist the acidic environment of TMR.

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Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+ benefits for premixers and feed manufacturers

1-Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+ ensures compatibility with all non-pelleted premixes and concentrates intended for use in Total Mixed Ration (TMR) where organic acids and different acidifiers can be detrimental for regular instant live yeast products.

Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+ benefits for farmer / animal

1- Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst + boosts rumen fiber degradation to new limits. Better utilisation of local forages for better feed efficiency.
2- Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+ increases the VFA (Volatile Fatty Acid) production in the rumen and milk de-novo fatty acids synthesis for higher milk production with higher solids content.

Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+ benefits for consumers

1- Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+ increases de-novo fatty acids in the milk leading to more true fat and protein and better milk nutritional value
2- Actisaf®SC48 Inst+ improves forages digestibility contributing to more sustainable farming.

Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+ uses Boost technology™ for improved performance and stability

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Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+ was designed through three (03) levels of technological innovation thanks to the Boost Technology™ to ensure higher milk yield and quality, and compatibility with different TMR preparations:


  • Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+ is a new strain of yeast probiotic designed to improve rumen health.


  • Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+ is produced following a unique innovative process (Patent application, pending 2019800320231 (Application Number)) boosting fibre digestibility of forages.


  • Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+ comes in a differentiated micro granule form ensuring better resistance in TMR compared to regular instant live yeast forms.
ActiSaf Sc48 yeast

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Responding to the needs
of our customers

ActiSaf Sc48

Actisaf® Sc 48 Inst+


25 kg multilayer laminated vacuum bag in a corrugated cardboard box.


Shelf life

2 years from production date, in original packaging.


Dosage for dairy cows

5-10 g/head/day according to animal requirements.

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