Safglucan® purified yeast fraction concentrated in 1.3/1.6 beta-glucans


For a decade, only the adaptive immune system was described as having the ability to remember the pathogens it had already encountered. More recently, innate immunity has been shown to adapt after its first contact with a pathogen, demonstrating an enhanced immune response to a second unrelated immune challenge (vaccines, bacteria…) called trained immunity. This immune training is characterised as having an enhanced state of the innate immune responses.


Some 1.3/1.6 beta-glucans, isolated from yeast, are among the few molecules which are able to induce trained immunity. Safglucan® is one of the most promising complementary tools in the animal preventive care arsenal, helping to protect health in many species, including pets, cattle, swine, poultry, and farmed fish.


By helping to offer animals better immunity, and therefore a limited use of antibiotics, Safglucan® guarantees quality animal production, limits breeding costs and contributes to the One Health concept.

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Safglucan® benefits for the animals

1. Safglucan® boosts natural defences
The highly purified yeast wall extracts of Safglucan® can promote innate immunity and thus improve animal health and welfare

2. Safglucan® strengthens vaccine response
Training innate immunity with Safglucan® delivers synergistic effects with standard vaccination protocols and helps animals be ready to fight pathogen attacks.

3. Immune-modulatory properties of Safglucan® can alleviate the excess inflammation induced by DON.

Safglucan® benefits for farmers

1. Safglucan® supports animal health, inducing an immune training effect during a pathogenic challenge, causing less morbidity as a result

2. Safglucan®, included in a vaccination programme, induces strong and long-lasting immune protection of the animal, giving the farmer peace of mind

3. Through improvement of the animal’s immunity, Safglucan® promotes the better maintenance of biosecurity control, therefore limiting the use of antibiotics and other curative treatments

Safglucan® promising results in several animal trials by enhancing:

1. Immune training induction

2. Vaccine response potentiation

3. Fast and durable protection

4. Safglucan® can be used for all species: ruminants, poultry, swine, farmed fish, horses, and pets

Composition and mode of action of Safglucan®

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Phileo’s innovative nutritional and health solution Safglucan® is composed of a purified fraction with a minimum of 50% of 1.3/1.6 beta-glucans extracted from a primary grown probiotic yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae in a controlled process. Beta-glucans can be extracted from several natural sources, such as yeasts, algae, cereals, and fungi. Safglucan® has been analyzed in our laboratories to determine the length and the frequency of 1.3/1.6 beta-glucans ratio branching and its physicochemical properties.



Phileo’s selection of Safglucan® is based on its mode of action on immune cell models and the results of animal trials to confirm its benefits. Safglucan® induces various immune responses. When training innate immune cells by exposure to Safglucan®, they respond more efficiently to infections and contribute to vaccination improvement.

Scientific studies on DON with Safglucan®

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Ex vivo and in vivo studies show that DON impairs multiple organs’ homeostasis, including the intestine and liver, such as trans-epithelial resistance, gut morphology, epithelium integrity, and immunity. Supplementing a DON-contaminated feed diet with Safglucan®, an immune-modulating feed additive significantly protects broiler chicken from liver damage caused by DON while also protecting the structure and morphology of intestinal epithelial cells. Moreover, Safglucan® reduced the inflammation induced by DON.



Safglucan® could help to alleviate the adverse effects of DON, such as the negative impact on the gastrointestinal tract or, more specifically, on gut absorption, integrity, and immunity.

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Responding to the needs of our customers

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  • 10 kg cardboard box containing 2 individual multilayer bags of 5 kg




  • 2 years from production date, in original packaging.




  • keep in a dry and cool place for optimum preservation



Product category

  • EU          Feed material – Yeast product
  • USA       Purified Yeast Cell Wall – GRAS for feed

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