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As family members, our furry friends deserve the best possible care. Acting with nature, we work at the crossroads of health and nutrition, offering solutions that work in harmony with the biological system to preserve health and enhance well-being, leading to longer and healthier lives. We aim to be part of your design solution team to help create effective & safe petfoods, treats and supplements.


With this design thinking mindset, we created an exhaustive Petsaf program allowing manufacturers to conveniently select Phileo solutions to address main pet industry life stages and health claims.


Optimising digestive health

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Digestive health is a “must have” for pet parents all around the world
A healthy intestine is key for absorbing nutrients, energy or an active daily life, and vitality. It is also the main entry point of all environmental pathogens. It is thus critical to ensure the right balance between the four pillars of digestive care:
1. Maintain beneficial microbiota
2. Optimise intestinal barrier integrity
3. Optimise the immune system
4. Reduce pathogen pressure

Improving immune protection

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Dogs and cats with not fully developed or weakened immune defenses can be more susceptible to an array of diseases. Boosting our pet’s immune system, at all life stages, is critical to help in preventing or fighting diseases, bacteria, infections, and viruses that our pet is exposed to every day.


Reducing stress

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In order to keep our pets happy and healthy, one of the main responsibilities of pet parents is keeping them safe from daily stress and improving their resistance throughout growth, adulthood and the ageing process.
Repeated challenges result in high concentrations of oxidative radicals in animal cells which, over time, overwhelm physiological defence systems and compromise the well-being of our beloved friends.

Sustainable functional nutrition

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As the world population grows, there is a rising demand for sustainable protein sources. Yeast extracts & yeast functional proteins are an excellent source of safe and nucleotides and peptides.


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