In search of excellence, the right strain with proven benefits


On the cutting edge of innovation, Phileo by Lesaffre has a dedicated R&D division covering different fields such as nutrition, microbiology, immunology, animal science and formulation processes.


Our rich collection of proprietary strains allows us to develop proven and documented probiotics and functional ingredients taking into account animal species’ diversity to overcome the increasing complexity of farming challenges.


Our innovation process begins with a careful selection of those strains with unique features, a true fermentation excellence and state of the art in-house in-vitro models and understanding of the mode of action. With our nutritionists, veterinarians and feed experts we carry on extensive research efforts to develop tailor-made solutions with proven benefits by mastering microbiota and immunity.

Health through nutrition based on a fine understanding of microbiota & immunity

Gut health and immune modulation

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At Phileo gut health and immuno-modulation are thought to be essential elements leading to antibiotic free farming practices. By reinforcing the commensal microflora, probiotics help to combat stress generated by pathogens, increase the bioavailability of nutrients and thus improve overall animal performance. In addition, Phileo has developed a strong expertise in the development of ingredients allowing modulation of the innate or specific immunity and therefore decreasing pathogen pressure insuring a better health and well-being to animals with less treatments.

The power of in vitro screening

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The in-vitro-platform shared with Lesaffre, is equipped with state-of-the art digestive models. Those simulators are great experimental tools for screening purposes and understanding the mode of action of our products in the digestive tract of different species. Additionally, a large number of tools have been developed to characterise the impact of our product on immune systems, gut integrity and fiber digestibility. All 3 essential parameters in a health through nutrition approach promoting sustainable and economical viable animal protein production. Phileo develops and promotes in vitro testing models in respect of animal welfare and to accelerate the transition of the agrifood industry.

Precision product formulation

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To provide a solution that fits exactly the need of our customers, we have implemented a park of technological equipment representative of applications that are met in customers factories such as blending, extrusion, and different kinds of formulations and raw materials. Our dedicated Formulation Platform is key to the development of customer-oriented solutions from idea to valuable products.


We value our global network of partners ranging from universities, research institutes, feed technology centres and reference farms. By building this innovative ecosystem we believe we can make a significant impact on the transition of the agricultural industry while answering the needs of our market.

Animal microbiota & toxicology

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The Farm Phileo® is a platform for scientific expertise, developing innovative solutions to meet the ethical, health, performance and sustainability challenges facing the farming industry in the years to come. It is equipped with the latest high-tech tools to study animal microbiota and toxicology. Its research focuses mainly on the study of intestinal flora of ruminants, detection and impact on animals of various mycotoxins, assessing the impact of animal feeding methods on the environment, and improving animal welfare. The Farm Phileo® is the showcase of our expertise and above all supports our customers and their needs.

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