Actisaf® Sc 50 PET, the probiotic for premium dry food


Actisaf® Sc 50 PET is a unique yeast probiotic specifically selected for dogs from the Lesaffre rich collection of natural proprietary strains.


Saccharomyces cerevisiae Sc 50 (CNCM I-5660) is processed in a patent pending micropearl form, that delivers proven stability when coated with a powder palatant on kibbles. Actisaf® Sc 50 PET is stable during all the dry food shelf life, which is 18 months.


Actisaf® Sc 50 PET is a new generation of probiotic allowing convenient application for petfood manufacturers to differentiate from competitors and add value to their range.


This innovative probiotic helps to enhance intestinal health by balancing microbiota, thus improving mucosal immunity and fecal quality.

Responding to the need of pets, pet parents and petfood manufacturers

Actisaf® Sc 50 PET benefits for dry food manufacturers

1. Actisaf® Sc 50 PET strain selection and unique micropearl process deliver 18 months of viability on dry food, after coating with powder palatant.


2. Actisaf® Sc 50 PET is stable for 12 months in the blend with palatant, before coating on dry food.


3. Actisaf® Sc 50 PET preserves the palatability of dry food.

Actisaf® Sc 50 PET benefits for dogs


1. Actisaf® Sc 50 PET improves fecal quality, by decreasing fecal ammonia and pH, and significantly decreases biogenic amines.


2. Actisaf® Sc 50 PET helps to maintain gut mucosal immunity by increasing IgA concentration.


3. Actisaf® Sc 50 PET modulates gut microbiota composition by increasing beneficial bacteria (Bifidobacterium, Faecallibacterium) and decreasing potential pathogenic bacteria (E. coli).


4. Actisaf® Sc 50 PET significantly improves the Dysbiosis Index in dogs.

Actisaf® Sc 50 PET benefits for pet parents

1. Actisaf® Sc 50 PET is safe and well-tolerated by dogs.


2. From the second week of supplementation with Actisaf® Sc 50 PET, dog owners see improvements in digestive health and fecal consistency. This perceived improvement is increasing week after week and remains 3 weeks after supplementation.

Actisaf® Sc 50 PET, the probiotic for premium dry food

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To produce Actisaf® Sc 50 PET, Phileo experts in petfood processes and technologies developed a patent pending process to create a micropearl form, thanks to a dedicated fermentation and drying process on a specific line of manufacturing.


This unique form helps to limit environmental exchanges with water and oxygen, and thus enhances stability.


We guarantee a concentration of 8.109 CFU of active yeast per gram of product.

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Industrial convenience of
Actisaf® Sc 5O PET

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Thermal and mechanical constraints of dry food extrusion make it impossible to directly incorporate probiotics into the kibble core. Today, the only solution remains to coat the probiotic with a palatant.


Actisaf® Sc 50 PET has a record-breaking viability of 18 months on kibbles solving the challenge of stability of dry food.


The unique dust-free micropearl form and the excellent flowability of Actisaf® Sc 50 PET make the blending with a palatant easier and allow a good adhesion on dry food.


Actisaf® Sc 50 PET has been tested with recognized US blenders and market representative powder palatants to confirm the easy application. Incorporation of up to 33% of Actisaf® Sc 50 PET in palatants shows satisfactory results on both physical and viability aspects.

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