Advanced bacteria and yeast solutions to ensure health and well-being in cats and dogs

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At Phileo by Lesaffre, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of animal care to better nourish and protect the planet. We believe that yeast and bacteria, with fermentation technologies and biotransformation, represent the future of animal health through nutrition.


Most pet owners view their pets as part of the family. Our furry companions are part of our everyday lives. With unrivalled loyalty, they provide us with companionship and affection. In return, responsible pet parents need to protect their pets from harm, provide them with shelter and ensure their food is healthy, palatable, and nutritious, giving them a happy and long life. More than ever, new generations of pet parents are looking for safe, sustainable, authentic, and traceable ingredients.


When it comes to yeasts and bacteria, the key issue is that pet food manufacturers currently have access to many very different products, not all of which are consistent in terms of composition or effect.


The yeasts most commonly used in pet food production over the years have largely been brewery by-products,  to increase palatability and protein levels.


With proper strain selection and standardized processes, however, yeasts and bacteria can deliver numerous nutrition and health benefits, such as improving digestive care, reinforcing immunity, and enhancing natural defenses. Under such conditions, they are an effective and natural way to manage pet health and well-being.

Yeasts and bacteria – a natural crossover of multibenefits and main claims for petfood

Graph Key pet food challenges

Our aim, at Phileo, is to be part of your design solution, helping to create effective and safe pet foods, treats, and supplements. We harness the power of microorganisms and control the entire production process from strain selection to in-home validation.

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As a result, we have developed a new program of solutions, called PetSaf. This is designed to assist pet food producers satisfy the rising demands of modern pet parents.

Our petsaf program helps the pet industry to satisfy pet parents

Petsaf is a complete program of probiotics and postbiotics, providing solutions to help pet parents and the pet industry to secure digestive health, improve immune support, reduce stress, and ensure sustainable and functional nutrition.


All our solutions address the specific demands of today’s pet food processes (dry, wet, treats, and supplements) and are scientifically proven to be effective. They help pet food manufacturers to create value in their sales offerings to pet parents.


Petsaf is a user-friendly program of solutions covering all cornerstone product claims (immune protection, digestive health, stress reduction, and healthy ageing….) and all life stage segments.


The program combines Phileo’s probiotics and postbiotic solutions into a selection of main benefits, covering each specific health issue.

Program Petsaf

Application example

Phileo introduces innovative concept of SENTINEL to immune protection for pets.

Sentinel means dual protection:



  1. Immediate response to an attack (bacteria, virus, etc.)
  2. Alert mode and strong reaction in case of a future pathogen challenge



Within the Petsaf program, Phileo uses Safglucan as a unique sentinel solution. Safglucan is a purified yeast fraction with a minimum of 50% Beta 1.3 – 1.6 glucans and with a specifically developed branching structure to achieve dual immune protection.


The 2 following cases show how Safglucan operates within Petsaf.

Case 1: Looking for an immune boosting claim for senior pets

Neutrophiles and monocytes fight infection through an innate and immediate response. They can be stimulated in vitro.


Safglucan boosts ROS production as the first line of innate immune defense. (trial on dog blood – Ghent University, 2020).

pets graph

Safglucan elicits a stronger defense response in dogs

Case 2: Looking for an immune prevention claim for adult pets

Beta glucans can train immune cells to react, according to below principle:

graph pets

Following study shows the impact of Safglucan on dog macrophages (trial on dog blood – Ghent University, 2021)

pets graphs
graphs pets

Safglucan is able to train canine phagocytes, helping to prevent further pathogen challenges

Scientific data confirms that Safglucan allows pet food manufacturers to claim a reinforcement of immunity in dogs, in both immediate and delayed actions (like an immune sentinel!). This is a strong promise to rising pet parent demands for protection.


Phileo by Lesaffre helps pet parents and the pet industry to be at the forefront of health care and well-being by continuously developing and providing new solutions for securing digestive health, improving immune support, and reducing stress.

Phileo’s yeasts and bacteria pro and postbiotics are sustainable and natural, providing pet food producers globally with solutions that address consumer expectations while also complying with regulatory requirements.

Please feel free to contact us for in-depth and customized discussions.

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