Act with nature for animal care


At Phileo by Lesaffre, we are fully dedicated to our shared mission with Lesaffre of working together to better nourish and protect the planet. We are convinced that fermentation and the exploitation of the infinite potential of microorganisms allows us to develop efficient and sustainable ways to enhance performance, prevent risks and respect animal welfare.


This promise not only applies to the methods and technology used to produce our range of solutions, but also to how Lesaffre generates value and repurposes the derivative products from our fermentation processes. These processes are wonderful examples of the circular economy at work. We use our culture media from molasses as natural fertilizers, which can be sprayed on the very beetroot fields where they originated to boost the growth of future beetroots. Other grades can be adapted to feed ruminants and or used as raw material for fertilizer.

Lesaffre received the silver medal from Ecovadis. Click here to know more

Respectful of animals and the planet, we are passionate and dedicated into building a world where animal care should be a priority in order to spare our planet resources. We have put in place 4 strong commitments to find solutions to answer the growing demand for animal protein while building a sustainable agri-food future.

1. Promote employee wellbeing and development

2. Hand in Hand with partners

3. Ensure feed to food security and safety

4. Spare planet resources and mitigate climate change

Adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2015, the 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) are the layout to achieve a better and more sustainable world for all by 2030. These goals are a call for action to address a series of global challenges, such as: poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, and justice. At Phileo we use SDGs to orient innovation, prioritize projects and report on our CSR activities. We focus on goals no. 2, 3, 4,6, 12,13, 14 and 15 about sustainable agricultural practices, quality education, good health and less food waste

1. We promote employee wellbeing and development 

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At Phileo, we are entrepreneurs and passionate life-long learners—and ensure we provide our global teams with opportunities to focus on continuous o nline learning and career development. On a shared platform with Lesaffre we created the Phileo academy. A definite pro of the Phileo Academy is that it allows our colleagues to choose where and when they learn and control the pace of their learning.


We work with TinyPulse to survey our employees each year on their engagement to better understand their needs and expectations. It helps us indicate what our employees need to grow, feel engaged, and built their careers.


We advocate for an equal participation of women and men in decision-making processes and operate with a full parity within the management team of Phileo.

2. Hand in Hand with partners

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Agriculture today stands at a crossroads. We are determent to help provide sufficient, affordable and nutritious food to a growing population, while coping with climate change, water scarcity, soil depletion and biodiversity loss. Social and economic inequalities between rural and urban areas have led to an unprecedented level of urbanization. Some 80% of food is produced by family farms. This makes them a significant lever for renovating food systems and alleviating poverty amongst rural communities worldwide.


We daily support our partners, from global industry players to family farmers, in their transition towards sustainable good practices. With them our nutritionists, veterinarians and feed experts are developing tailormade solutions for preventive care by mastering microbiota and immunity. We consider that quality food is key to good animal health and wellbeing. To meet this vital need we supply our customers with a wide range of nutritional solutions that contribute to the well-being of different animal species, improving livestock profitability and reducing the need for antibiotic use.


In addition to our group-wide commitments, we encourage all of our employees to make a difference on a local level through our ECHO Program. Through this philanthropic program, we engage in various charitable projects that either support local communities or serve our mission of working together to better nourish and protect the planet. For instance with Melindika, we not only support financially but our scientists invest in educational programs on nutrion and herd management for the family farmers in Zambia. In Vietnam we made a real difference for family farmers by participating in the ViPARC project raising chickens with a responsible use of antibiotics while keeping performance parameters up. We partnered with Vaxinano for a vaccination campaign of 700 endangered primates in a Brazilian zoo and preservation center.

3. We ensure feed to food security and safety

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At Phileo by Lesaffre we are committed to push the boundaries of animal care to better nourish and protect the planet. We believe that yeast and bacteria with fermentation technologies and biotransformation are the future of animal health through nutrition. They are the answers to the challenges of a global demand for animal protein and greater sustainability.


The use of marine ingredients, such as fishmeal and fish oil, to feed farmed fish needs to be drastically reduced in aquafeed production as it leads to overfishing of populations like anchovies and herring. Unfortunately, this has implications for the entire food web since larger fish depend on forage fish for food.


As a result, sustainable fish feeds are needed to protect marine ecosystems and reduce depletion on ocean resources. A rising global population coupled with a growing demand for protein has led to a ‘protein challenge’. Therefore Phileo has developed Prosaf®, a highly palatable source of small size bioavailable peptides, free amino acids and nucleotides, designed to boost fish growth, performance and disease resistance.

We are on the ground, together with our customers and partners, to help define new standards in terms of animal nutrition and build a sustainable agri-food future. Our shared ambition is to raise healthy animals while preserving biodiversity and sparing resources. Our exclusive expertise built over 170 years of research & manufacturing is to bring the best from beneficial micro-organisms to improve animal care. Our presence in the field side by side with premixers, feed & petfood manufacturers, veterinarians & nutritionists, farm managers and authorities leads us to understand and answer the specific needs of each stakeholder in the value chain.


The concern for Salmonella infections and antibiotic resistance demands the use of safe and effective new interventions in the poultry industry. Yeast postbiotics have been proven to reduce the cecal load of Salmonella in birds, and consequently, the shedding in the environment. Recent studies have focused on the use of yeast postbiotics such as Safmannan®, a selected yeast fraction from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This yeast postbiotic is the focus of extensive research as solution to reduce the use of antibiotics for pathogen control. Research has also shown that supplementing birds with yeast postbiotics may enhance the immune response and reduce the number of pathogens by binding bacteria and creating a complex gut microflora.


Probiotics and postbiotics produced by Phileo during 2022 covered the equivalent of 1 out of 4 milk & products consumed in the world and 1 out of 6 eggs produced in the world.


4. We spare planet resources and mitigate climate change 

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Respectful of animals and the planet, we are passionate and dedicated into building a world where animal care is a priority while sparing our planet resources.

Our international presence allows us to support our partners locally, from global industry players to family farmers, in their transition towards sustainable good practices. In 2022, more than 70% of products sold are produced locally in the same region by 24 manufacturing sites. Within the next four years, five additional factories will produce Phileo solutions increasing even more our global presence close to our customers.


Phileo worked with Blonk consultants, the international leader in environmental and sustainability research in the agri food sector, to perform Actisaf Life cycle assessment in dairy production. This study demonstrated a reduction of the carbon footprint of the milk up to 5% subject to the supplementation period of the yeast probiotic.

Actisaf, the first yeast probiotic proving environmental efficiency with Life Cycle Assessment from cradle to farm gate.


Let’s act with nature for animal care.

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