Oxidative stress management in broilers


Current farming practices, involving high stocking densities, high production genetics, early weaning and uncontrolled hot or cold temperatures, impose cumulative stress on animals.


High concentrations of oxidative stressors can compromise birds’ immune and reproductive systems, reducing meat and egg production quality. To reduce the impact of oxidative stress, animal feeds are often supplemented with antioxidants and micronutrients.


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Stimulating antioxidant defences

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Feed supplementation with selenium has been shown to improve the health status of animals by stimulating their antioxidant defences, through seleno-enzymes, such as gluthation peroxydase (GPx). This improves their immune and reproductive function while enhancing zootechnical performance and the quality of end products, such as meat and eggs. Supplementation with selenium from organic sources leads to better assimilation of selenium into animal proteins. Assimilated selenium can function as a reserve pool for animals during extreme stress.


Phileo by Lesaffre has developed a Selenium enriched yeast, from a proprietary yeast strain (CNCM I-3399), creating consistent end products which are 2/3 selenomethionine (SeMET) and 1/3 selenocysteine (SeCYS), plus other active selenium-components.

Oxidative stress
Oxidative stress

Selsaf® improves antioxidant status

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Sodium selenite (SS) is directly involved in the antioxidant process, which is why the group with SS had high GPx enzyme activity in the blood. However, Selsaf® helped secure the same activity as SS and was significantly better than another commercial Se-yeast.

Selsaf® enables better performances in broiler production

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Thanks to Selsaf®, broilers achieve better health status. A broiler trial in the Czech Republic, run for 42 days, compared different sources of Selenium. It featured one group with sodium selenite, 2 groups with different sources of synthetic forms of SeMET and one group with Selsaf®. All groups were supplemented with Selenium at 0.2 ppm.


The Selsaf® group had a significant higher body weight at 42 days and numerically better feed conversion.

Oxidative stress
Oxidative stress

Improving meat quality

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Thanks to the better antioxidant status of the muscles, Selsaf® can boost meat quality by improving tenderness. Selsaf® also reduces drip loss during storage, compared with other sources of synthetic forms of SeMET.

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