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Aquasaf Shrimp is a program dedicated to supporting the health and functional nutrition of shrimp using probiotics and postbiotics. Our solutions are crafted from carefully selected yeast and bacteria strains; blending ancestral fermentation techniques with cutting-edge extraction methods.


This holistic program focuses on three overarching themes: controlling mortality rates, supporting gut health, and enhancing performances in alternative diets.


For more information, please refer to our comprehensive Aquasaf Shrimp white book.

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The gut theory

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The shrimp industry has experienced remarkable growth in the past three decades, fueled by high international demand and significant advancements in farming techniques. However,  the industry continues to grapple with recurrent pathologies that undermine yields and production costs.


Among the various health conditions observed in shrimp farming, those that affect the gut, tend to be of the greatest significance. These include AHPND, WFS and EHP. The gut plays a crucial role in essential physiological functions, such as nutrient digestion, absorption, and immunity. Preserving these intestinal functions is vital for maintaining health, performance and controlling costs.


The program Aquasaf addresses these complex factors with a comprehensive approach that harnesses natural defenses, microbiota and nutrition.

Strengthening gut microbiota

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Probiotics, whether derived from bacteria or yeast, play a crucial role in establishing a stable microbiota in the shrimp gut. This contributes synergistically to reducing the risk of pathogenic infection and optimizing feed utilization, enhancing the animals’ resilience to production-related variations.


The strong anti-inflammatory properties of Actisaf® have been demonstrated to make important contributions to preserving the integrity of shrimp’s hepatopancreas. This makes it a powerful solution for preventing and addressing emerging and advanced dysbiotic conditions in the gut.


Microsaf® on the other hand, is a unique association of proprietary bacillus strains carefully selected to deliver performance in the growth stage. The patented Go Technology ensures that the bacillus spores germinate faster than the short shrimp intestinal transit time, multiplying its efficacy.

Increasing resistance to pathogens

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With the advancement of intensive practices and the development of high-quality diets, it is now possible to regulate various aspects of shrimp health. This includes bolstering immune function,  promoting exclusion of pathogens, and improving stress resistance to address specific challenges.


The benefits conferred by the pathogen binding ability of the mannan oligo-saccharides combined with the immune modulation properties from the β-glucans of Safmannan® have been repeatedly demonstrated in trials and commercial conditions.


In condition of chronic stress, further improvements are achieved combining Safmannan®  with Selsaf®, our source of highly bioavailable organic selenium. Selsaf® helps mitigate the production of cortisol by the stressed animal, which is a natural suppressor of the immune system.

Safeguarding health in alternative diets

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The shrimp industry is reaching a point where further substitution of marine ingredients by plant-based ingredients is not possible without compromising the health and performances of animals.


From serving as a rich source of essential amino acids and highly bio-assimilable peptides, to providing vitamins, minerals and immune boosting compounds, the functionalities offered by yeast proteins are wide-ranging, enabling holistic approach to enhancing the health and performance of shrimp fed with plant-based diets.


Our solutions leverage on the synergistic effects of our purified yeast extract Prosaf 632, and functional protein Nutrisaf 503, to support production performance in feeds where fish meal has been substituted, without compromising health and welfare of animals.

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