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Today’s high-production dairy cows require a specific management strategy throughout the lactation cycle. Tailored for each stage of this cycle, Program Milk Profit is designed to improve lactation management in dairy cows. It’s a tool which focuses on farmers’ concerns and challenges concerning milk production, throughout lactation.


Calving is a point of significant change, determining the success of the future lactation. Cows need special attention during this pre and post-partum transition period. Recent studies have paved the way for new solutions, capable of increasing milk production while preventing metabolic disorders, notably through supplementation with probiotic yeast, selenium enriched yeast and purified yeast fractions.

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Transition: facing multiple challenges before lactation

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Programme Milk Profit aims to reduce the risks of subclinical ketosis to achieve better performance throughout lactation. In Europe, 25% of cows are affected by ketosis. Studies show that ketosis is responsible for a 20% reduction in dry matter intake (DMI), as well as a decline of 2 kgs of milk per day (Emery et al., 1964; Simensen et al., 1990; Duffield et al., 1998; G. R. Oetzel 2013).

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Peak and mid-lactation: preventing the risk of subclinical acidosis

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Programme Milk Profit prevents the risk of subclinical acidosis, boosting milk production and quality.

Peak and mid-lactation: Improving antioxidant status and milk quality

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Milk profit
Milk profit

Late lactation: managing somatic cell count

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Supplementation with Actisaf® and Safmannan® from mid to late lactation helps limit progressive increase in SCC (somatic cell count), generally observed in the weeks prior to drying off. Cows with low SCC in milk when drying off will be less prone to mastitis at the beginning of their next lactation.

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