Quand les prix des intrants grimpent sans que celui de la valorisation de la production ne suive la même dynamique,

Physiological stress is one of the main contributing factors of disease outbreaks and reduced performances in the production of tilapia.

Phileo experts explain the important role of sow nutrition to produce healthy and strong piglets.

In a healthy working rumen, digestion is optimised and no nutrients is lost. One step closer to a more sustainable

Phileo’s first global virtual event giving easy access to top talks on microbiota.

As SCC are immune cells, the number found in the milk increases as a response to an immune challenge in

Broilers under heat stress increase heat exchange between their body and their environment by diverting blood and nutrient flow away

One consequence that can significantly impact poultry production and profitability is feed efficiency.

Favorable nutrient profile, potential health benefits, & low environmental impact, YMW is one of the most reared insect species.

Safmannan is a biological approach to address physiological changes induced by heat stress in broilers, resulting in healthier birds

A new legislation to ban the prophylactic use of antibiotics in animal production was brought into effect on 28th

Broiler lineages currently used in the poultry industry result from a continuous selection for improved efficiency to convert feed into