The Farm Phileo®

Research and development is at the heart of our innovation strategy.

The Farm Phileo® is a platform for knowledge transfer and scientific expertise, developing innovative solutions to meet the ethical, health and performance challenges facing the farming industry in the years to come.

The Farm Phileo® is the showcase of our expertise and above all supports our customers and their needs.

Respond to market demands through innovation

It is designed to promote innovation, knowledge transfer and customer proximity in a fast-growing environment. It is equipped with the latest high-tech tools. Its research focuses on the study of intestinal flora, detection of various mycotoxins, assessing the impact of animal feeding methods on the environment, and improving animal welfare.

Communicate more in order to act more effectively

The platform also promotes academic research in partnership with internationally renowned scientists in Europe and the United States, as well as in countries where animal science is gaining momentum, such as Brazil, India and China.