Improve swine gut health through fiber digestion enhancement and increase profitability

Actisaf®, the reference yeast probiotic improves gut health through fiber digestion enhancement

Gut infections can be a major source of efficiency loss, downtime and additional costs for veterinary treatment. To maintain a healthy gut, it is definitely key for a pig to digest and absorb dietary nutrients efficiently. A balanced microbiota (i.e., a healthy micro-ecosystem) is an indispensable constituent of a healthy gut.

Probiotic yeasts improve gut health in swine by enhancing fiber digestion.
Daily supplementation of swine with the reference probiotic yeast Actisaf® promotes fermentation in the large intestine, leading to an increase in the energy value of feed ingredients and improved animal performance, Actisaf® therefore enables less expensive and less energy-dense ingredients to be used in swine diets.

This study was conducted to investigate the effect of Actisaf® to pig diets on the fermentation of feed residues recovered following enzymatic digestion of wheat, barley, corn, soybean meal (SBM), canola meal, as well as wheat and corn distillers dried grains with solubles (wheat DGGS) and corn DGGS).

Total gas produced over 72h incubation of fecal samples was modeled for each ingredient and the kinetics parameters compared between yeast supplemented and control groups. Volatile fatty acids were also measured and the molar ratio of each short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) compared at 12 and 72h of incubation.

Data showed that supplementation of lactating sow diet with Actisaf® had a significant positive effect on all the parameters of fermentation kinetics (p<0.0001) by increasing the total volume of gas produced (A; mL g-1 DM), increasing the rate of gas production (Rmax; mL g-1 DM. h-1) and decreasing the time required to reach the maximum rate of fermentation (Tmax; h).
The probiotic yeast Actisaf® also significantly increased the total amount of volatile fatty acid production both at 12 and 72 hours of incubation (p<0.0001). Furthermore, there was a significant correlation between the amount of gas accumulated and the concentration of total VFAs determined at 72h.

In conclusion, Actisaf® increases the rate and extent of fermentation of various feed ingredients with increased production of SCFA which contributes to better performance and healthy gut in pigs.
Actisaf® has several beneficial effects, such as promoting the development of favorable intestinal flora in the piglet, reducing coliform bacteria in the gut and improving the energy value of rations.
References available upon request.

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