Pet parents need to protect their pets from harm, provide them with shelter and ensure their food is healthy, palatable,

Over the past decades, the use of therapeutic inclusions of zinc oxide in diets has been used to reduce the

Actisaf® Sc 47 improves daily diet energy yields and optimises performance in sports

In horses, the yeast probiotic Actisaf® Sc 47 delivers better diet valorisation and improved welfare

Yeast probiotics supplementation for breeders could potentiate the immune transfer and body weight gain in foals.

Wasting nutrients is a waste of money. But feed losses also have a direct effect on animal health

Tonsil microbiome, Identifying biomarkers, and Microbiota analytics process

Robust immunity in poultry flocks is essential to reducing reliance on antibiotics.

Advanced nutritional feed strategies will play an ever-increasing role in enabling poultry producers to transition away from widespread antibiotic use.

Phileo has constructed a post-antibiotic program founded on four pillars of quality poultry production.