The impact of heat stress on pigs is wide-ranging and costly, often causing serious growth and reproductive problems while also

Growth performance and feed efficiency are key parameters indicating the productivity of any fattening unit.

Evaluation of the effect of the supplementation of Safmannan® on Salmonella Typhimurium colonization in broilers.

The concern for Salmonella infections and antibiotic resistance demands the use of safe and effective new interventions in the poultry

Salmonella Pullorum, causing pullorum disease, and Salmonella Gallinarum, causing fowl typhoid, are two major salmonellosis diseases that can seriously impact

Reducing gut inflammation, improving villi structure and increasing survival after vibrio harveyi disease challenge.

Animal welfare should always be first, hence the importance of in vitro modelling to reduce animal trials.

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The impact of heat stress on sows and piglets can have severe consequences for stock health, welfare, reproductive performance, and

Current consumer preference trends and increasing government regulation continue to drive interest in reduced antibiotic use and increased use of