Phileo by Lesaffre Unveils Cutting-Edge Solutions at VIV MEA 2023 for Sustainable Animal Nutrition

Phileo by Lesaffre Unveils Cutting-Edge Solutions at VIV MEA 2023 for Sustainable Animal Nutrition

VIV MEA 2023 is gearing up to be a pinnacle event in the realm of animal production and processing, and Phileo by Lesaffre is set to take center stage. Renowned for its innovations in yeast and fermentation products, Phileo by Lesaffre is ready to showcase its commitment to excellence and sustainability in animal nutrition at this prestigious gathering.

Phileo by Lesaffre: Pioneering Sustainable Animal Nutrition:


As a global leader in yeast-based solutions for animal health, Phileo by Lesaffre stands out as a driving force for innovation. The company’s dedication to research and development ensures a continuous stream of groundbreaking products designed to meet the evolving needs of the animal nutrition industry.


VIV MEA 2023: A Launchpad for Innovation:


Embodying the spirit of innovation, VIV MEA provides a dynamic platform for industry leaders to collaborate and explore the latest advancements. This year, Phileo by Lesaffre is proud to be part of this transformative event, ready to unveil its latest solutions and engage with professionals, researchers, and businesses to shape the future of sustainable animal production.

Discover Phileo by Lesaffre’s Innovations:


  1. Revolutionary Research Initiatives: Explore the forefront of animal nutrition with Phileo by Lesaffre’s cutting-edge research, aimed at advancing our understanding of sustainable practices.
  2. Live Product Demonstrations: Witness firsthand the impact of Phileo by Lesaffre’s flagship products through live demonstrations, gaining valuable insights into optimizing livestock health and performance.
  3. Expert Consultations: Connect with Phileo by Lesaffre’s team of experts, offering personalized insights and recommendations to address your specific challenges in animal nutrition.


Join Phileo by Lesaffre for a Sustainable Future:


Phileo by Lesaffre invites all VIV MEA attendees to its stand, where the future of sustainable animal nutrition awaits exploration. Engage with industry leaders, discover innovative solutions, and contribute to the advancement of responsible and efficient animal production.


About Phileo


We daily support our partners, from global industry players to family farmers, in their transition towards sustainable good practices. With them, we develop tailor-made solutions for preventive care allowing a limited and responsible use of antibiotics by mastering microbiota and immunity. Our shared ambition is to raise healthy animals while sparing planet resources and energy. Our rich collection of proprietary probiotic strains allows us to develop evidence-based solutions taking into account animal species’ diversity ranging from pets, livestock, poultry, fish to insects to overcome the increasing complexity of food production.


Let’s act with nature for animal care


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