We celebrate

the launch of our

new website  

Phileo dash

After months of dedicated work, the communication team is delighted to present you the brand new Phileo website! 🎉


Built with a customer-centric approach, the new Phileo website is designed as an innovative and science-based platform which positions Phileo as a fermentation expert and one of the leaders of the industry. Our goal is to reaffirm Phileo’s mission to act with nature for animal care, while providing evidence of our scientific expertise built over the last 150 years.


Initiated in the wake of the new Phileo campaign, we believe that the new website can be a powerful tool to reveal our brand identity and highlight our engagement around three important pillars :

🐄 Animal care
🔬 Science based solutions
🌎 Sustainability


Due to its customer orientation and evidence-based approach, we strongly hope that the new website will help us drive new business, and position Phileo as an innovative and key player of the industry. Its rich content allows for downloads of white books and technical guides, prompting visitors to leave their contact details and thus feeding our CRM.


We encourage you to become real ambassadors of the website and share it with your networks in order to help us spread Phileo’s message on digital platforms. Together, we can make a significant impact and redefine the playing rules. Hence, we would like to set forth that the website is in constant motion and will evolve on the basis of our progress and advancements in our areas of research. It serves both as a reflexion of our knowledge, and as a promoter of the values we stand for at Phileo by Lesaffre.


Filled with excitement and without further ado, let’s act with nature for animal care 🤝