Training ourselves with the e-learning platform

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To answer the needs of all our teams worldwide and provide a qualitative training to all, Phileo by Lesaffre has launched an internal e-learning platform. A true gold mine of information, this digital platform has been designed to help you understand some of the scientific challenges we face in our industry, and the solutions we offer to remedy them. These e-learning modules do not replace face to face training sessions but are complementary training with the basic information on our products, services and industry needs. 💡


Otavio Castro, Global Aquaculture Manager at Phileo and one of the contributors to the platform shares his input about the e-learning. “The format of the content is more dynamic, and allows us to enrich the material with comments, practical examples and observations that help to emphasize some key points.”


We also believe that having an e-learning experience can help bring synergies between the teams and sensitize colleagues to specific topics. According to Otavio the e-learning platform can “increase the awareness about potential aqua opportunities. It is also important and relevant to receive feedback from people working in more mature markets, bringing different perceptions and perspectives. There is always something positive when sharing experience, we can develop synergies in projects and marketing activities, discover shortcuts in the implementation of actions, and receive fruitful feedback from colleagues that may have experienced challenges that can be anticipated in our future projects.”



Furthermore, some of the topics shared on the e-learning platform are also a great means to understand the new frame of the corporate campaign Act with nature. Understanding key topics that fall within the scope of the campaign helps grasping the true sense of the new campaign. 🌱


“I think the new corporate campaign matches perfectly with our current focus for the aquaculture segment. Aquaculture production has been promoted in the past years as one of the most sustainable sources of protein for human consumption, but when it started to scale up to an industrial level, the activity started to face their own sustainability challenges and issues. Today, we are still facing multiple challenges related to sustainability due to disease outbreaks and antibiotic utilization. Without improving sustainability there won’t be a sustainable growth for aquaculture.”


We are happy to provide an online tool to help us all understand the key projects that we are developing at Phileo. Global Species Manager have dedicated time to these trainings, so we encourage you to take the time to visit the platform and share your experience with us. Should you have any question on the videos, feel free to reach out to the lecturer. 📧


To visit the e-learning platform and watch our videos, please refer to the following link. If you have any question about the platform, please reach out to Clémentine Marien.