Program Neonate®

Complete and flexible nutritional program to enhance the health of young animal’s and promote growth from birth until weaning.
Available for two species: pigs and ruminants.

Download our technical guide: “Optimizing sow and piglet management for better profit”

technical guide
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Evaluate the benefits of using the Program Neonate to optimize sow and piglet management


The Program Neonate provides farmers with innovative solutions for improving the farm’s technical performance (litter size, weight of weaned piglets). What makes this programme unique is its long-term approach, extending beyond the first production cycle.
Trial results show that using the solutions continuously has a positive, cumulative effect on productivity. The performance improvements increase with each cycle.
Download the app to calculate what Program Neonate can bring you.


Sow and piglet management

3 stages

  • Stage 1: Embryo viability

    ↑ Fertility

    ↑ Litter size

  • Stage 2: Foetal development

    ↑ Litter weight at birth

    ↑ Natural defences

    ↓ Piglet mortality at birth

  • Stage 3: Piglet growth

    ↑Litter weight at weaning

    ↑Natural defences

    ↓ Piglet morbidity

    ↓ Sow body condition loss

3 solutions

Premium yeast probiotic

Premium yeast fraction
rich in mannan-oligosaccharides
and ß-glucans (1,3 and 1,6)

Premium organic selenium enriched yeast

Calf management

3 stages

  • Stage 1: Close up period

    Ensure optimal transfer immunity from cow to calf

  • Stage 2: Neonatal period

    Limit the risk of neonatal diarrhoea and mortality

  • Stage 3: Pre-weaning

    Support early calf growth up to weaning

2 solutions

Premium yeast probiotic

Premium yeast fraction
rich in mannan-oligosaccharides
and ß-glucans (1,3 and 1,6)